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Students in Peshawar, join us on an exciting journey to improve your English language skills!

Elementary English Course

Premier English house presents, A2 Elementary Level English Course for students in Peshawar! Over the next two months, it’s an exciting journey to enhance your English language skills. In this course, we focus on providing contemporary and engaging content designed specifically for elementary-level learners.
This course is specially designed for students who have basic knowledge of English but struggle with spoken communication and expressing themselves effectively. It also targets individuals with limited grammar knowledge. The course is suitable for 10th-grade students, FSC students, and even bachelor’s level students who encounter difficulties in basic English skills.


This program extends over a minimum of two months, providing abundant time for thorough learning and skill enhancement.


We offer a contemporary and engaging curriculum exactly tailored to suit the requirements of elementary-level learners. Every element of the course, from interactive exercises to real-world applications and online authentic resources, is designed to captivate and inspire.

Qualified Instructors

Our team consists of seasoned educators, each one certified and deeply committed to your success. We not only know what to teach but also how to teach effectively. We view teaching as a responsibility and are dedicated to guiding you through every step of the learning process. Benefit from their expertise as they lead you towards your language learning goals.

Learning Outcomes

Speak Confidently:

Develop the confidence to express yourself fluently in English, both verbally and in writing.

Use Variety of Vocabulary and Grammatical Structures:

 Expand your linguistic repertoire with a diverse range of vocabulary and grammatical structures, equipping you with the tools to effectively communicate in any situation.

Receive Certificate of Completion:

 Upon reaching the course’s conclusion, receive a certificate acknowledging your achievement and dedication.

Special Features

Communicative and Interactive Classrooms:

 Engage in lively discussions, interactive activities, and group exercises that promote active participation and collaboration.

Integration of Technology:

 We have state of the art technology to enhance your learning experience, with multimedia resources and digital tools integrated seamlessly into the curriculum.

Real-life Situations and Community Learning:

We produce authentic real-life scenarios, from simulated conversations to community-based projects, fostering practical language skills that extend beyond the classroom.

Limited Class Size:

Benefit from personalized attention and tailored support in our small-class environment, ensuring that every student receives the individualized guidance they need to succeed.

Future Opportunities

This course will elevate your language proficiency and unlock new opportunities with the foundation provided by our A2 Elementary Level English course.
Upon completion, you’ll be well-prepared to transition seamlessly into advanced-level English and communication courses, setting the stage for further academic and professional growth.

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Elementary English Courses in Peshawar

Taught by qualified trainers

Premier English House proudly presents itself as a leader in Elementary English Courses, boasting a cutting-edge facility built to global standards. Our team consists of seasoned educators devoted to nurturing students through their Elementary English Course journey, fostering language proficiency and academic achievements.

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