The PTE exam, recognized worldwide by thousands of institutions
across numerous countries.
The PTE exam, recognized worldwide by thousands of institutions across numerous countries, serves as a benchmark for assessing one’s English language skills. Whether you’re aspiring to study abroad, immigrate to an English-speaking country, or advance your career prospects, achieving a high score in the PTE exam can significantly enhance your opportunities. 
For those aspiring to excel in their skills and attain a high score in the PTE exam, Premier English House can assist you with PTE test booking.


The course spans over a duration of one month, providing intensive training to enhance your English proficiency within a shorter timeframe.


Prior to commencing your preparation, we administer a comprehensive assessment test to evaluate your competency in listening, reading, writing, and speaking


 Our faculty members are globally trained and certified professionals. Teaching is not merely a profession for us; it’s a commitment we deeply embrace. We possess the competence to deliver impactful instruction customized to your requirements.


Our classes offer a conducive learning atmosphere furnished with cutting-edge technology and limited seating arrangements to ensure personalized attention and so that you are well prepared for your PTE test. 

Course Content

Premier English House provides authentic and exclusive study materials sourced from reputable outlets such as Pearson and other authorized sources to augment your readiness for the PTE exam test.

Special Features

We prioritize practical solutions over mere theoretical knowledge.

Special emphasis is laid on demanding sections with high marks.

Dedicated one-on-one sessions with trainers.

Realistic test simulations to acquaint you with the exam setting, along with interactive sessions providing real-time feedback.

Additionally, you’ll gain access to module-specific practice tests, as well as weekly comprehensive mock exams

We also offer templates and supplementary materials to assist you in making your test experience easier and more seamless.

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Best PTE Academy in Peshawar

Embark on your PTE journey in Peshawar today with Premier English House. Dive into a plethora of resources, from reading practice tests to expert guidance on writing tasks. Our comprehensive preparation covers various topics for the speaking test, and our authentic reading mock tests will sharpen your skills. Explore our vast repository of essay topics, examples, and detailed insights to ace your speaking exam. Kickstart your registration process now with Premier English House.

Interested in Abroad Study?

SMi Consultant

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SMi Consultant is one of the top Abroad Education Consultants in the country, serving the people for more then 7 years, SMi have guided Hundreds of students in their study abroad endeavors.

SMi Consultant houses a vibrant team of experts dedicated to providing tailored services for students with aspirations of studying overseas. Specializing in destinations such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Hungary, UAE, or Malaysia, our seasoned abroad education consultants bring over 7 years of experience in student recruitment and counseling to guide you every step of the way.

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