Premier English House ensures you're fully prepared for the IELTS test, offering comprehensive resources and expert guidance to maximize your success.
The International English Language Testing System, commonly referred to as “IELTS,” is a globally acknowledged English proficiency exam undertaken by individuals seeking to demonstrate their language abilities.
Recognized by over 10,000 institutions in 140 countries, it stands as a universal standard for English proficiency. If you aspire to elevate your language proficiency and attain a commendable band score in the IELTS examination, this course is meticulously crafted to meet your unique needs.


The course duration ranges from 45 to 60 days, depending on your current English proficiency level.


Prior to commencing your preparation, we administer a comprehensive assessment test to evaluate your proficiency in listening, reading, writing, and speaking. This assessment enables us to accurately determine your levels, guiding our tailored approach to meet your individual learning requirements.


Our staff members are internationally trained and certified. Teaching is not just a job for us; it’s a responsibility we wholeheartedly embrace. We possess the expertise to deliver effective instruction tailored to your needs.


Our classes offer a comfortable learning environment equipped with state-of-the-art technology and limited seating capacity.

Course Content

We provide authentic and exclusive study materials sourced from reputable resources such as the British Council and other official sources to aid in your test preparation.

Special Features

We believe in providing practical solutions rather than just theoretical knowledge.

Special emphasis is placed on challenging modules like reading and writing.

Personal discussion time with trainers

Real test simulations to familiarize you with the exam environment, and interactive sessions with real-time feedback.

¬†Additionally, you’ll have access to module-specific mock tests, weekly full mock tests

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Best IELTS Academy in Peshawar

Begin your journey in Peshawar today with Premier English House. Access a wealth of resources including reading practice tests, expert guidance on writing tasks, comprehensive preparation for the speaking test covering a range of topics, and authentic reading mock tests. Explore our repository of essay topics, examples, and detailed insights to excel in your speaking exam. Start your registration process right now with Premier English House.

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